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Our Beliefs, Vision, and Mission

Mountainview’s School Counseling Program Beliefs

            At Mountainview Elementary we believe that all the students should be given the opportunity and necessary tools to make intelligent decisions that will help each student throughout their lives. We believe that students are a product of their environment, genetics, and surroundings. At Mountainview Elementary we offer a learning environment that allows our students to flourish and reach their fullest potential. Our school counseling staff members follow the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) code of ethics as well as the West Virginia Student Success Standards and are highly qualified master degree level individuals.

            Here at Mountainview our school counselors acknowledge that students need assistance in learning decision making skills. We know that each student is different and develops at their own pace. Knowing this we developed our program around the thought that students will need different interventions to help them as they grow. We utilize a multi-tier support model to make sure that we are reaching all of our students. Through intensive interventions we see students for individual and crisis interventions. Through targeted interventions we see students through group counseling, our bobcat leadership plans and other specifically designed programs. At our universal interventions we see students through our developmental guidance lessons and monthly school wide themes via PBIS.

We believe that students need the knowledge to make healthy and smart decisions. Our school counseling program works with classroom teachers and staff members on educating them on the different needs of our students and situations they could face, such as bullying and drug prevention. We help them find appropriate ways of handling those instances. We acknowledge that the concerns our student population is facing constant changes throughout the years. Our school counselors are there every step of the way to address those changing topics and help assist them in gaining the proper decision making skills they will need.  

            The counseling program at Mountainview is constantly obtaining feedback from all active members as well as the students, teachers, counselors, and community members. Needs assessments are done with teachers, parents and students to make sure we are addressing the correct issues of our school. Data collected from students through group counseling and guidance lessons help us make sure that the students are understanding what they are learning. We truly believe that to become a great counseling program we need the perspective of all stakeholders to provide better concepts and share their opinions. The school counselors are consistently working to learn new skills and concepts to help educate themselves to better serve the needs of their students and become better professionals. The overall goal is to become better professionals and utilize all resources that will allow the school counselors help the students grow and become productive citizens in our community.

Vision of Mountainview Elementary School Counseling Program

            The vision of the Mountainview Elementary School Counseling program is to assist in providing a safe, child-centered environment that meets the diverse needs of our student population. By providing our students with an intellectual, vocational, and personal/social education, it promotes the individual growth in each student at school and home. Having these skills and knowledge, they will become successful life-long learners and socially responsible citizens.

Mission Statement of Mountainview Elementary

            The Mountainview Elementary School Counseling Program strives to establish a child-centered and developmental comprehensive school counseling curricula through the academic, vocational, and personal/social domains for our students, family and diverse school community. The program will advocate for the overall well-being of students through an inviting, respectful and safe environment. Our detailed and data driven counseling program, provides a standards-based instruction and interventions that facilitates an environment that is challenging, rewarding and relevant to the growth and development of all students and their journey to adulthood.