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Career Café is an opportunity for students in 5th grade to meet parents and individuals from the community and learn about their careers. Students are invited to Career Café based on the results of a career interest inventory administered by the school counselors during our developmental lessons. The Career Interest Inventory categorizes careers based on the 16 career clusters.


Career Café speakers discuss:

·        His/Her career journey with students

·        How important subjects (like math, science, reading, writing) is part of his/her job

·        Relate his/her career to 5th grade students' interests

·        Include how he/she became interested in his/her current field

·        What education/training he/she needed

·        What he/she do in a typical day at his/her job

·        Any advice to 5th grade students considering a job in his/her field  

Speakers are highly encouraged to dress in your work clothes and bring props, actual items he/she uses in his/her job, and/or giveaways with  company’s logo.


If you are interested in participating in this year's Career Cafe please contact us.